Android 14 is reportedly code-named "Upside Down Cake " And It was released to the public on "October 4"

1.Better Hearing Aid Support

– Dedicated support for hearing device – Sound routing option – Prevention of hearing damage with notification

2.Improved Battery Life 

– Focus on efficiency to reduce power drain – Enhanced management of background task – "Screen time since last full charge" feature return

3.Notification Flashes

– Camera and screen flashes for notification – Customizable flash color – Accessibility feature for hearing-impaired user

4.Health Connect 

– Centralized health and fitness data – Integration across various apps and service – Pre-installed on Android 14 device

5.Enhanced Security 

– Restriction on older app installation – Improved biometric login support – PIN protection with animation

6.Personalize home and lock screen

– Lock screen picker, templates, and theme – Support for Ultra HDR image – Create parallax effect wallpapers and AI wallpaper

7.Regional Preferences and Predictive Navigation

– Systemwide customization option – Predictive navigation gesture – Enhanced language support

8.Android 14: A Bright Future 

– Android 14 promises innovation and user satisfaction – Continues Google's dedication to shaping mobile technology – Exciting prospects for Android enthusiasts worldwide